February 28, 2018 2 min read

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Dancing Gnome Brewing Company is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Dancing Gnome is a fast growing brewery that focuses on creating hop-forward beer styles. Their commitment to quality, perfection, and ingenuity is what sets Dancing Gnome apart from most other new breweries. Today, we are providing our thoughts on Dancing Gnome's Astroid. Astroid is a fragrant IPA brewed with Chinook, Citra, and Denali hops. We enjoyed Astroid in late January.


Dancing Gnome's IPA poured an opaque yellow color in our Dank & Juicy Beer Glass. The IPA produced a thick off-white head that filled the immediate area with dank and somewhat juicy aromas.


As the head started to dissipate in the pint glass, the India Pale Ale expressed moderate citrus and tropical aromas. Furthermore, we noticed that on the backend of the aroma profile, there were trace amounts of floral and dank notes.


The flavor profile was somewhat similar to the aroma profile; however, we noticed more floral and dank flavors than what appeared in the aroma profile. The IPA sported a medium body with moderate carbonation.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, the IPA expressed a well-balanced aroma and flavor profile. Astroid was not too juicy or overly dank, and we thought both characteristics were expressed pretty evenly.

We recommend visiting Dancing Gnome's taproom for delicious beer and great food. The brewery does not serve food themselves but offers several food truck options throughout the week. Dancing Gnome releases craft beer cans on a weekly basis.

Feel free to check out their canning schedule on their website:


Our Recommendations:

Dancing Gnome Beer:

Lustra (Pale Ale), Astroid (IPA), Inter-Terrestrial (IPA), Wonka (American Stout ), JAM (IPA), and Etch (IPA).

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Brewery Location:

Dancing Gnome Beer:

925 Main Street,
Pittsburgh, PA 15215