About Us

Mission Statement:

At I Prefer Craft Coffee, our unwavering mission is to provide you with the freshest & best tasting craft coffee online while alleviating the challenges that coffee lovers face when purchasing their beloved specialty coffee online. We achieve this by adhering to a set of core principles:

1. Roasting to Order: We are dedicated to offering you the freshest craft coffee online. We roast your craft coffee to order, ensuring that each batch is tailored to your preferences and delivered at peak freshness.

2. Exceptional Specialty Beans: We exclusively roast q-graded excellent specialty coffee beans, sourced responsibly from small independent farms. Each bean is handpicked at its country of origin to guarantee exceptional quality and freshness.

3. Speedy Delivery: We understand the urgency of coffee cravings. That's why we prioritize same-day roasting and shipping when you order by 12 PM EST, Monday through Friday. Your coffee arrives swiftly, ready to be savored. 

4. Peak Freshness Guarantee: We stand behind our Peak Freshness Guarantee, ensuring that every cup of our craft coffee lives up to your expectations in terms of aroma, taste, and quality.

5. Artisanal Craftsmanship: Each bag of our craft coffee is treated with the utmost care. Hand-labeled and hand-packed, our process creates a unique and delightful experience with every purchase.

Vision Statement:

Our vision at I Prefer Craft Coffee is to be the go-to destination for coffee lovers seeking the freshest craft coffee online. We aspire to eliminate the common frustrations faced by coffee enthusiasts when purchasing their favorite brew. Our future is guided by these principles:

1. Unmatched Freshness: We aim to redefine freshness standards by making fresh-roasted, customized coffee accessible to everyone, setting a new benchmark for coffee quality.

2. Coffee Exploration: We envision a world where our customers can explore the rich diversity of coffee flavors and profiles, trusting us to deliver the best of the coffee world to their doorstep.

3. Time-Saving Convenience: Our commitment to swift air roasting and delivery will continue to provide coffee lovers with the convenience they crave without compromising on quality.

4. Trusted Partner: We seek to become your trusted partner in your daily coffee ritual, consistently delivering a delightful coffee experience that brightens your day.

At I Prefer Craft Coffee, we're not just selling coffee; we're crafting a seamless and enjoyable coffee-buying experience that caters to your unique tastes and preferences. Experience coffee the way it was meant to be: fresh-roasted, on-demand, and bursting with flavor. Our vision is to make every sip of our craft coffee a moment of pure pleasure, one that you look forward to every day!

Sincerely, Andrew Master Roaster & Owner/Operator of I Prefer Craft Coffee

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Elevate Your Coffee Experience Together:

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💡 Our Promise: We promise to provide an exceptional coffee experience to your family & friends by following our Peak Freshness Guarantee.