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Best Glass for IPA. Pale Ale Glass, and Great Beer Vessels

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Diamondback Brewing Company is located in Baltimore, Maryland. Diamondback is a brewery that provides a "hand-crafted and progressive approach to beer production" (Diamondback, 2017).  Today, we are providing our thoughts on DQ'd, which is an American Culinary IPA brewed with locally sourced organic berries, milk sugar, and vanilla beans. Yum!

Glassware: Dank & Juicy Glass for IPA and Pale Ale Glass
The Dank & Juicy craft beer glass is the first design in our Dank & Juicy series of beer pint glasses. We designed the beer glassware to showcase the characteristics of hops and yeast.
Dank is a common word used to describe the aroma and flavor characteristics of certain types of hops, while juicy is commonly referred to as the mouthfeel and flavor profile of certain New England yeast strains. 
  •  Dank & Juicy artwork is screen-printed on to Rastal's Craft Master Grand beer glasses.
  • Incorporates different types of beer glasses into one beer vessel, which makes the Dank & Juicy glass the best glass for IPA.
  • The wide bowl and flared top lip accentuate the aroma and flavor characteristics of your craft beer.
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DQ'd poured a hazy yellowish purple color with a short frothy white head.


The culinary milkshake IPA expresses ripe raspberry, blueberry, and creamy vanilla notes.


DQ'd is an extremely flavorful milkshake IPA. Blueberries, raspberries, and creamy vanilla dominate the flavor profile of this delicious culinary IPA. The mouthfeel is rich, smooth, and creamy. DQ'd is an exemplary example of how a milkshake IPA should taste. In our opinion, the sweetness from the lactose balances the tartness of the berries very well.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, we believe that DQ'd is the most flavorful and balanced IPA that is available from Diamondback Brewing Company. The milkshake IPA is really well-balanced, and the berries, lactose, and vanilla beans complement each other throughout the sensory experience. Great job, Diamondback!

Diamondback Brewing Company was founded in 2013, and their first batch of production beer was available in late 2014. Diamondback Brewing Company does not can as much as the larger hyper-local breweries, but they are ramping up production and releasing craft beer cans more frequently. Their taproom is open Wednesday through Sunday and is tucked away in the old Phillips Seafood and Coco Cola facility.


We recommend visiting this craft brewery for their unique and hand-crafted ales.

Our Recommendations:

Diamondback Brewing Company:

Greener Machine (DIPA), Hop Broth (DIPA), DQ'd (Culinary IPA),  Omar (American Pale Ale), and In Brouge (Hibiscus Table Beer).

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Brewery Location:

Diamondback Brewing Company

1215 East Fort Avenue
Baltimore, MD, 21230