November 16, 2022 1 min read

First, and foremost, let me introduce myself - My name is Andrew, and I am the owner, operator, and master roaster for I Prefer Craft Coffee. I've been a craft coffee fan for the last decade and have been roasting specialty coffee for the last five years.  I truly look forward to connecting with you :)
Introducing the best bean-to-cup machine (IMHO) on the market. I've been able to test the Spinn for the last 12+ months, and I am really enjoying the convenience and brewing experience that Spinn provides. It's like having a personal barista right in your kitchen (or wherever you brew). Open the Spinn app and brew a cup straight from your bed (make sure there is a cup under your Spinn machine though ;)
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The machine makes all type of drinks, but I mainly use the machine for pour-over style coffee and occasionally espresso drinks (makes killer espresso, too)! There is minimal effort required to brew a delicious and fragrant cup of joe thanks to Spinn's proprietary "spinning" technology.
Our only shortcoming of this awesome machine is the price, as we feel $1,000 for a bean-to-cup machine is quite high, and get ready to dish out even more $$$ if you add the espresso accessories!
Now Only $649!!