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Best Cold Brew Coffee Kits

Roast (3 Pack Kit)
Looking for the best cold brew kits?
Look no further! Our delicious brew-at-home cold brew kits make it simple to make a jug of fantastic tasting cold brew coffee for your entire week. We source our single origin and blended specialty coffees from around the world and package them into our 3-pack cold brew coffee kits, with each kit making roughly 1-gallon of delicious cold brew. You'll receive three individual bags containing 75 grams of freshly ground coffee in each cold brew sack, ensuring you get an unbeatable freshness with every sip. Roast profiles range from medium to dark, so everyone can find their perfect flavor! Try out one of our cold brew kits today and experience a fantastic taste like no other.
  •  Experience an Insanely Delicious Cold Brew - Our cold brew kit has been specially formulated to provide you with the best-tasting and most aromatic cold brew ever. Enjoy it at its fullest by following these instructions.
  •  Brew With Only Filtered Water - When preparing your cold brew, use only filtered water. Doing so will result in a superior cup of coffee and maximize the delicious flavors in the cold brew kit.
  •  Enjoy Your Cold Brew - After 12-36 hours, your cold brew is ready! Remove the pouches and enjoy the incredible taste of our cold brew kits.