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Costa Rica Honey

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Brighten Up Your Mornings With Costa Rica Honey
Are you looking for a rare & seasonal honey coffee that's the perfect morning coffee? Look no further! Our Costa Rican Honey is exactly what you need to keep your taste buds movin' and groovin' all morning long. Enjoy explosive notes of candied almond, fleshy stone fruit, and milk chocolate covered citrus. With its medium body and bright acidity, this delicious honey processed coffee from Costa Rica is sure to make any morning more enjoyable. Plus, with fast shipping & processing times, you don't have to worry about having stale coffee on hand! Get your perfect morning cup of coffee today with our Costa Rican Honey microlot.
Origin: Costa Rica, Chirripo || Altitude: 1320m || Process: Honey
Q-Graded Excellent - 87 of 100
Size: 12oz