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Wake & Bake Blend

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🌿 "Rise, Shine, and Roll One!" - Your Ultimate Wake & Bake Experience! 🌿

Are you ready to embark on a coffee journey that's a wild ride from the very first sip? Buckle up for our super limited Wake & Bake blend, where the world of coffee meets the chill vibes of cannabis culture!

Get ready for flavors that'll have you questioning reality – from jammy pastries that practically shout, "Good morning!" to bananas wrapped in chocolate-fudge blankets, having a disco in your mug. And that's not all; this blend goes all out with bursts of berries and a touch of nutty bliss.

 But here's the kicker – this blend is so rare, it's like spotting a unicorn in the wild. It's a limited edition, and once it's gone, it's gone for good. No restocks, no replays – just one shot to wake and bake in style!

Ready to join the Wake & Bake party? Get your bag of this limited blend now and seize the day with a whole new meaning to wake & bake!

Origin: Costa Rica || Altitude: 1600m || Process: Natural + Honey + Thermic
Size: 12oz