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Anaerobic Craft Coffee

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Coffee Connoisseurs Rejoice!
Introducing the new in-house small batch Co-fermented Anaerobic coffees from us. Our unique coffees are aged on natural fruit & juices to bring out the very best in craft coffee - it's overflowing with wine and chocolate flavors as well as juicy red and tropical fruits, stone fruit, and candied nuts. Each sip has a slight alcoholic finish that you won't find in regular coffees. If you're tired of bland coffees, give our Anaerobic Coffee a try for a taste that will truly revolutionize your coffee drinking experience. Don't miss out, each batch is limited to 25 bags per drop.
Co-fermented Batch #008 || Pomegranate & Blueberry
Origin: Brazil || Altitude: 1200m || Process: Natural, Anaerobic Co-Fermented
Size: 10oz