Silhouette Imperial Stout Glass | Stout Beer Glass | 11oz

Silhouette Stout Glass

Silhouette Imperial Stout Glass | Barrel-aged Beer Glass:

  • Accentuates Flavors
  • Concentrates Aromas
  • Nucleated Beer Glass
  • 11-Ounce Capacity (v1)
  • 14-Ounce Capacity (v2)

A small crystal beer glass for everything stout. Makes a great barrel-aged beer glass but useful for beer tastings, wine, and bourbon, too. The imperial stout glass resembles the Teku™, but the v3 is nucleated, stemless and expresses more gentle curves. The v3 stout glass is 30% more durable than standard crystal beer glasses. Go ahead. Buy it.

Care Instructions: Dishwasher Safe