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Silhouette Series | Best Bourbon Glass | 17oz

Silhouette Series | Stout Glass & Bourbon Glass | 17oz
  • Best Tulip Glass
  • Great Glass For Stouts, Barrel-Aged Beer, Whisky or Bourbon.
  • Thick Footed Base
  • 17-Ounce Capacity - Enhanced Aromatics 
Are you looking for a larger volume glass for stouts, sours, and barrel-aged beers? Look no further, as our NEW Silhouette stout glass will hold 17-ounces of your favorite craft beer.
The Silhouette Series Stout Glass is a unique craft beer glass that is designed to enhance the olfactory senses (sense of smell), which influence the different types of flavors we taste in craft beer, bourbon whiskey, and other fine spirits.
The Snifter Stout glass boasts a wide-bowl that narrows towards the mouth of the beer glass. The stout beer glass design enhances the subtle differences of the beer by opening up and funneling the aromatics toward your nose.