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Phat Boy Hand-Blown Beer Glasses:

Introducing our lineup of Phat Boy hand-blown craft beer glasses! The handmade borosilicate craft beer glasses are 16-17oz and made exclusively for us by Devin at Gonzo Glass Studio in Mt. Holly, N.J. These glasses are only available through us, as these glassware designs are exclusive to I Prefer Craft Beer. Each glass is hand-blown in the realm of 17oz, as it's nearly impossible to achieve the same volume with each unique glass. These custom beer glasses are 4-5mm thick and made in very small batches. We offer these on a First Come, First Serve basis.


**DISCLAIMER: these awesome craft beer glasses are made individually by hand, so each glass is unique and may appear slightly different from the rest. Please hand-wash with extreme care, glass is fragile. As with any piece of glassware, it is common for small air bubbles and other imperfections to appear in the hand-blown beer glassware. The imperfections will not affect the quality of the glass, but if this is an issue for you, please do not purchase our hand-blown beer glassware.