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Silhouette Snifter Series | Stout Glass Two | White | 10oz

Silhouette Series | Stout Beer Glass Two | Bright Gold Metallic | 10oz:
  • Imperial Stout Glass
  • Enhances Aromatics Angled
  • Wide Base Tasting Glass
  • 10-Ounce Capacity
The Silhouette Series Stout Glass Two is the perfect imperial stout glass, sour beer glass, or barrel-aged beer glass. It's ideal to consume high alcohol by volume beer in smaller beer glasses.
The barrel-aged beer glass boasts an angled, wide base that narrows towards the mouth of the beer glass. The stout beer glass sports a weighted base for added stability and comfort. The design of the stout glass enhances the subtle differences of your craft beer by opening up and funneling the aromatics toward your nose.