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Snifter Silhouette Glass | Stemless Proper Beer Glassware | 17 oz Beer Glass

Silhouette IPA Glassware | Stemless Craft Beer Glass | 17 oz Beer Glass:
  • Noridc Pint Glass
  • Great Glass for IPA and Dark Beers.
  • Cylindrical Body and Mouth
  • 17 Oz Beer Pint Glass

First Come, First Serve

Our iconic Snifter Silhouette logo inked in Bright Platinum Metallic. These glasses are very limited and were never publicly released. There are only 50 glasses available. We are releasing the metallic platinum stemless snifter beer glassware in batches of 5 and will restock them in batches of 5 until they are sold out.

Care Instructions:

-Hand Wash Only-