January 09, 2018 2 min read


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Aslin Beer Company is located in Herndon, Virginia. Aslin is known for brewing fragrant, hazy, and flavorful craft beers, but craft beer lovers praise them for their IPA, stout, and fruited sour beers. Today, we are providing our thoughts on Aslin's Gose w/ Raspberry & Lime. Their Gose with Raspberry & Lime is their base Gose with Raspberry and Lime puree added. 


Aslin's sour beer poured a beautiful deep purple color into our Hops on Hops V2 Pint Glass. The sour beer produced a thick tinted head that filled the immediate area with magnificent berry and lime aromas. 


As the head started to dissipate in the pint glass, the sour beer expressed dominant raspberry and lime aromas. The raspberry was noticeable upfront, but the lime dominated the backend of the aroma profile.


The flavor profile was very similar to the aroma profile -- a sharp tartness followed by expressive raspberry and lime flavors. The tartness of the lime definitely balanced out the sweetness from the raspberry puree.  

Final Thoughts:

Overall, we appreciate Aslin's ability to produce a traditional fruited sour beer without the excessive sweetness. The flavors are very well balanced, and we have enjoyed every Gose that Aslin has released so far. Do we recommend their fruited sour beers? Absolutely!!

We frequent Aslin Beer Company several times a month for their highly sought after craft beer cans. Aslin recently developed a new beer release system, and Aslin typically releases several craft beers throughout the week. Aslin is open from 11AM-8PM Tuesday through Sunday. Aslin plans on opening their new taproom sometime in early 2018, and their kegs are starting to appear in the D.C. area.

We recommend visiting this fantastic craft brewery for their limited release craft beer cans, or a fresh growler of one of Aslin's delicious offerings.

Our Recommendations:

Aslin Beer Company:

Gose (Fruited Sour), Double Orange Starfish (DIPA), Stellar Parallax (DIPA), How Now Brown Cow (Stout Beer), DDH Orange Starfish (IPA), and DDH Dunley Place (DIPA).

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Brewery Location:

Aslin Beer Company

257 Sunset Park Dr.
Herndon, VA 20170