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Aslin Beer Company is located in Herndon, Virginia. Aslin is a relatively new local brewery that has been brewing delicious local beer for two years. Aslin is known for brewing fragrant, hazy, and flavorful craft beers, but craft beer lovers praise them for their IPA, stout, and fruited sour beers. Today, we are providing our thoughts on Stellar Parallax, which is a Double IPA brewed and dry-hopped with Simcoe, Mosaic, and Galaxy hops.

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Stellar Parallax Double IPA pours a hazy mango nectar color with a frothy white head. This hazy double IPA definitely fits the mold for the New England style IPA (NEIPA), but we would have preferred a lighter colored body.


Aslin's Stellar Parallax DIPA expresses dominant tropical aromas. Pineapple, berries, and mango flood the nose, while subtle hints of pine complement the tropical dominance of the aroma profile.


Stellar Parallax displays a very unique and complex flavor profile. The double IPA explodes with flavors of freshly sliced pineapple, melon, and a touch of ripe berries. Then comes a wave of juicy grapefruit, clementine, and fresh orange juice. Stellar Parallax finishes off with a punch of pine and biscuit maltiness, and the piney flavors really enhance the sensory experience.

The DIPA from Aslin Beer Company is juicy and fruity with noticeable amounts of bitterness, but the flavor and aroma profiles complement the medium bodied craft beer very well. The mouthfeel is creamy, slick, and slightly oily.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this is our favorite double IPA from Aslin Beer Company. Stellar Parallax is extremely well balanced for an imperial IPA, but this double IPA is not released very often. Therefore, large crowds typically gather when Aslin releases Stellar Parallax.

 Aslin Beer Company is less than 20 miles from our office in Washington, D.C., so we frequent Aslin on a weekly basis for their highly sought after cans of IPA. Aslin typically releases several craft beers on Thursdays at 3:00 pm; however, Aslin occasionally has Saturday can releases, too. Unfortunately, Aslin does not have a taproom, but they are in the process of building a new facility that will accommodate plenty of thirsty local beer drinkers.


We recommend visiting this fantastic craft brewery for their limited release craft beer cans, or a fresh growler of their hazy IPA or double IPA. 

Our Recommendations:

Aslin Beer Company:

Orange Starfish (IPA), Double Orange Starfish (DIPA), Stellar Parallax (DIPA), How Now Brown Cow (Stout Beer), and Astro Zombie (IPA).


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Brewery Location:

Aslin Beer Company

257 Sunset Park Dr.
Herndon, VA 20170