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Best Craft Beer Glass for IPA and Great Pale Ale Glass For Craft Beers

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Other Half Brewing Company and The Answer Brew Pub collaborated on a second basketball-themed double IPA.  Double Dribble is a double dry-hopped Imperial India Pale Ale, and the local beer is double dry-hopped with Citra, Lemon Drop, Amarillo, and Simcoe hops.  The double ipa clocks in at 7.8% alcohol by volume.

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The Dank & Juicy craft beer glass is the first design in our Dank & Juicy series of beer pint glasses. We designed the beer glassware to showcase the characteristics of hops and yeast.

Dank is a common word used to describe the aroma and flavor characteristics of certain types of hops, while juicy is commonly referred to as the mouthfeel and flavor profile of certain New England yeast strains. 

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Double Dribble Imperial IPA pours a hazy and viscous mango nectar color with a slim, frothy, white head. The head retention was a little bit better on Double Dribble than Other Half and The Answer's previous collaboration ipa, Raining Threes double ipa. 


Double Dribble Imperial IPA displays dominant fleshy citrus and tropical fruit characteristics with herbal and grassy undertones. The citrus, tropical, and herbal hop aromatics complement each other very nicely. The aroma of the beer expresses fresh mandarin orange, grapefruit, and citrus zest qualities that led into subtle spruce and pine aromas.


The double IPA explodes with tropical mango, pineapple, and passionfruit flavors, which convince your olfactory senses that you are consuming a fresh tropical smoothie. The flavor profile becomes more complex as the beer coats your palate. Toward the end of the sensory experience, the IPA transforms into a botanical garden of spruce and pine. The bitterness is sharp but diminishes rather quickly, and the mouthfeel was smooth, light, and delicate.

Final Thoughts:

We enjoyed Double Dribble slightly more than Raining Threes. The sensory experience was more enjoyable for us. The flavor profile of Double Dribble was more diverse than their other dry-hopped collaboration double ipa, Raining Threes.

 Other Half Brewing Company and The Answer Brew Pub supplies Brooklyn, New York and Richmond, Virginia with delicious local beer.

 Other Half is known for their unique, flavorful, and very aromatic New England IPA. The Answer Brew Pub is widely recognized for their fruited sour beers, but also makes several delicious versions of the NEIPA.

We recommend visiting these fantastic craft beer breweries for their can releases or a fresh pour of their hazy draft beer. 

Our Recommendations:

Other Half Brewing Company:

All Citra Everything Double IPA, Hop Showers IPA, or Small Green Everything IPA.

The Answer Brew Pub:

Kromer Juice, Extra Credit Double IPA, 3 Scoops (Fruited Sour Beer), or Popsicle (Fruited Sour Beer.



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Brewery Location:

Other Half Brewing Company

195 Centre Street

Brooklyn, New York 11231

The Answer Brew Pub

6008 W Broad St

Richmond, Virginia 23230